Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

The basic definition of digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through electronic media.

Promotional efforts are made via the Internet, e-mail, social media, and mobile devices as well as through more traditional electronic media such as television and radio. Most people associate digital marketing with e-mail newsletters and social media, but with the increase in mobile technology, it has become so much more.

Your customers are increasingly interacting with their mobile devices. They communicate, share experiences, and make purchases with their tablets and smartphones. It's fast, it's convenient, and it has become a natural part of their busy lives.


Digital marketing has become a major focus for businesses. Action Creative has an extraordinary group of solutions and can guide you through this paradigm shift.

Action has innovative technologies to engage and motivate your customers. Some of which include:

Social Media Strategy

The world of social media can be intimidating. Where do you start? One word. Listen. An effective social media strategy begins with knowledge of your customers and what they are saying. Action offers a unique listening tool that gives you the competitive intelligence you need. LEARN (Listen Evaluate And Respond Now) is an online solution that provides a report of all posts, comments, reviews, and articles using keywords most relevant to you and your business. Monitoring what is discussed in the social media will provide you the opportunity to respond appropriately. The knowledge you uncover of the needs and interests of your audience will lay the foundation for both social media and marketing strategies. With LEARN you will discover:

  • what customers are saying about your business
  • how your brand is defined
  • what your competitors are doing
  • what is trending in your industry

This helps to identify which social media channels your customers are using and which are best for your business. Now you have the information to build a social media strategy like no other. Contact Action to learn more.

SMS Messaging

Your customers are mobile. They are connected with their smarthphone 24/7. Now you can communicate with your customers on their mobile device and offer incentives through our dynamic SMS/text messaging solution, Smart Community Messaging. Text messaging is effective with one of the highest response rates of any marketing solution and is affordable. Learn more about SMS messaging and how it can help your business.


Turn shoppers into buyers with timely, location-based messaging - when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. GeoMarketing is a dynamic loyalty building solution that compels customers to visit your location through personalized offers sent to their mobile device triggered by a geofence. A Geofence uses the global positioning system (GPS) to define virtual geographical boundaries. This software allows the administrator to set up triggers once a mobile device enters or exits the defined area. It creates a personalized shopping experience based upon the buying behavior of your audience. Incentives can be automated and individually customized to their interests, time of day, location, and more. Offers can improve based on loyalty. A Geosocial component monitors social media activity in a defined area so retailers can respond immediately to comments. Contact Action to find out how your business can benefit from a GeoMarketing strategy.

Mobile Photo

Photos or videos are taken with a custom branded frame with your logo that can be instantly shared via Facebook and Twitter. It is a way for your customer to promote your business for you while receiving a digital souvenir at your next event. Think of it this way - what if your company's logo was on every ice bucket challenge video - would it help your business? See examples.


Engage your audience through the use of digital games. Collect data and reward customers with prizes. It's ideal for retailers, events, trade shows, and online promotions. It can be customized to promote your brand as well as educate consumers on products and services.

Augmented Reality

Your mobile device comes to life with virtual tours and real time experience for the ultimate customer engagement. It is great way for customers to interact and increase loyalty to your brand. Imagine if you are looking for a hotel room. You point your smartphone at the hotel and dots appear on vacant rooms. You click on them to take a virtual tour of the room, then book it immediately.

Digital Sensors

Through the use of proprietary real-time sensors, personalized offers and notifications can be sent to your customers based on their needs and habits for real time engagement through their mobile device. This is already happening. You experience it when driving as there are as there are stoplight sensors and traffic sensors. Sensors will be everywhere.

View examples of our digital marketing.

Add a Cause

A key ingredient to a successful digital marketing campaign is cause marketing. When a customer knows a portion of their purchase is going to charity, it improves their experience and puts your business in a positive light. They feel like they are doing something good, money is raised for charity, and you increase your bottom line. It's the perfect "win-win-win" model.

Take Action!

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