Identity & Brand

Corporate Identity

Your brain is built for recognition. To prove this, draw a picture of a one dollar bill. Now take one out of your wallet. Your drawing probably doesn't look much like the real thing because you don't recall every detail. But if I show you a one dollar bill, you know what it is because it is something that you recognize. Your brain stores just enough information to recognize a particular visual. It is that type of recognition that is the basis for developing a successful logo/identity.

Your logo is the face of your brand. It is an image and message for which your customers will associate your company, and therefore essential to have a strong identity for effective branding. Action will develop a unique identity to emotionally charge your target audience. The result is a compelling, recognizable identity that will visually represent your business in both a positive and memorable light.

Take a look at samples of logos designed by Action.


Your brand is how consumers feel about your business. It is simply an emotional connection. A successful brand is memorable and one that can be summarized in a single word. When you see Volvo you think safety. Mercedes wants you to think performance. It doesn't take millions of dollars to make this happen, just a simple, consistent message. How do you want customers to think of your business?

Successful branding takes time and commitment. The basis is understanding your audience and their needs, then developing a clear strategy. Implementation requires consistency in all customer touch points. This includes educating your employees and living your brand everyday. It is when companies send mixed messages and fall short of their brand promise that disconnects consumers.

Action has created and enhanced many brands. We can help your business establish consumer trust and loyalty with an effective brand strategy.